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A little later, Lucy can be seen taking a bath

A little later, Lucy can be seen taking a bath

Up coming, Lucy becomes herself during the a monologue, in which she decides to your and then criticizes most of the gown possibilities she tends to make. She imagines a world in which she and Natsu features infants, and kids look like Happy. Back into truth, she scolds herself getting convinced that.

She thinks about brand new time she’s that nights, however,, regardless of if she enjoys Natsu because a beneficial comrade, she decides to turn him down

Later in the day, Lucy gets to the existing forest and you may match that have Natsu. She feels embarrassed till the part whenever Natsu suggests that he called her because the the guy necessary to dig an opening to come across a record album off shameful photos of all the guild people, plus the girl he had been speaking about was indeed Virgo because the guy demands the girl so you can dig up the fresh new record album. Lucy try shocked by this disclosure, and you will slaps him, since she calls by herself a whole idiot. [75]

Rainbow Sakura [ ]

In the Fairy Tail Guild, Makarov is actually lecturing their guild players on what it’s in order to end up being a beneficial Fairy End Mage in order to commemorate their work done over the past year, they support the long-anticipated Hanami Group. However, Class Natsu and additionally Wendy and you may Carla are gone simply because they used Wendy into a career.

Meanwhile, People Natsu is actually taking walks off Mt. Hakobe, interested in an plant that may supposedly magnify the fresh new Wonders Strength regarding a Mage whenever ingested otherwise ingested since it is the business to collect lots of those people. While they take a trip, Lucy and you may Wendy talk about the next Hanami inside Horologium when you’re one other about three, Natsu, Gray and you will Erza, pummelled the Vulcans you to definitely ambush her or him. If you are investigating, Natsu picks up this new smell of your plants and operates toward her or him, merely to select an excellent Blizzardvern around. It turns out the Blizzardvern is actually an effective herbivore as well as favorite food is the new plant which they needed to assemble. Natsu, Grey, and Erza after that want to draw their attention to him or her, making Lucy, Wendy, Delighted and you will Carla to get brand new flowers.

Natsu, Gray, and you can Erza attack and you will disturb the newest Blizzardvern, and you will Lucy, Wendy, Pleased, and you may Carla crawl on the plants. The Blizzardvern seems to mirror Natsu’s fire and Gray’s freeze and you can also dodge Erza’s super. As they competition, Lucy gets the lady on the job some plants when an avalanche unexpectedly starts. The avalanche sweeps them away, however, Lucy is actually effortlessly in a position to retain the brand new herbs.

The following day is the day of this new Hanami. Lucy caught a cooler from are tucked on the avalanche and so she does not work out to attend. Natsu and you may Pleased renders Lucy’s home so that their other people. They think harmful to Lucy once the she was really looking forward for the event. Afterwards, the event starts. Folks are having a great time, sipping, dinner, and you can laughing. Natsu explains Lucy’s position towards the other people. Happier suggests that Wendy would be to shed a data recovery enchantment for her, it works out Wendy already did and Lucy can be good by tomorrow. With time, the traditional Hanami Bingo event starts. People but Natsu is participating and you may wanting to earn. Happy tries to convince Natsu playing Bingo, however, he declines.

During this time period, Lucy is dependant on the woman sleep in the home, considering all event she had once the time she came across Natsu right back from the Hargeon Urban area. She wishes that she attended this new Hanami. Ahead of she drops sleeping, she thank-you Natsu while the whole guild if you are around to have the girl and you can finishes you to definitely she inserted an extremely higher guild. Afterwards one nights, Lucy wakes up due to a commotion outside. Lucy opens up the brand new windows to test what is happening and you will are amazed to see a Rainbow Sakura forest drifting towards the a great boat during the river in the front of the woman family.

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