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Key Of the Starry Eden Arch [ ]

Key Of the Starry Eden Arch [ ]

Natsu spotted for the amazement since the Erza questioned their sleeve to be cut off once getting poisoned. He went along to see Wendy, the only person who you are going to heal her. He did his far better recover Wendy as fast as the guy you may. He had been annoyed immediately following learning that Jellal had been alive, but regulated their fury since recovery Erza try the new priority. The guy leftover questioning regarding Erza and you can decided that he cannot help Jellal to satisfy the lady.

When Natsu additionally the others were unconscious just after are assaulted because of the no, Erza recommended your, proving trust from inside the Natsu.If you find yourself attacking against No, Natsu also struck Jellal, who was trying to help your, simply because he made Erza cry. Erza exhibited immense believe from inside the Natsu. If the Magic Council involved bring Jellal, Natsu made an effort to avoid him or her only because Erza was very unfortunate you to definitely she substantially struggled to store herself from moving in to prevent her or him herself.

Edolas Arch [ ]

Natsu refused to believe that Edolas’ Erza is its opponent. The guy told folk you to definitely Planet Land’s Erza is an excellent person. Natsu is actually surprised whenever Edolas’ Erza stated getting beaten the girl Environment Land’s similar,  however, it actually was later revealed that it was Erza by herself, dressed up due to the fact Knightwalker. Each of them, also Grey, fooled new King and you may attempted to save yourself Extalia.

Tenrou Area Arch [ ]

At the beginning of the exam, Natsu wished Erza due to the fact his opponent. Natsu is worried about Erza while in the their fight against Azuma. Natsu try the first person whoever sound are heard from the Erza when she is actually involved from the miracle stamina away from Tenroujima couple dating app. Natsu and you can Erza, together with Grey and you can Lucy, fought against Hades. All of them attacked him with her. When Natsu entered the fresh Thunder-Flames Dragon setting, Erza was stunned of the his stamina. In the event the odds was in fact against them, Natsu’s terminology significantly advised folk. Erza realised that they must continue attacking. Regardless of if she was regarding secret fuel, Erza endured as much as challenge. Along with, whenever Erza dressed because a nursing assistant to repair men, Natsu is found in the latest a lot of time waiting line of men, looking forward to his procedures.

Whenever Natsu as well as the someone else took work hence necessary the expertise in absolutely nothing dancing, Erza forced him to help you dance with her.

Huge Magic Games Arc [ ]

Natsu recommended Erza within the Pandemonium knowledge, convinced that she’ll definitely victory and are shocked because of the her knowledge. He had been keen from the skills, and you may interested in Erza’s stamina. Following enjoy was finished, the guy ran in order to Erza and you will asked the lady having a battle having your. Natsu is mad within Sabertooth following the Naval Race, and you may involved in order to assault him or her, however, is stopped by Erza. Plus, Erza is actually astonished because of the Natsu through the his and you can Gajeel’s battle with Pain and you can Rogue. Once they have been honestly attacked of the Pain, Erza encouraged them of the saying that the fresh new Guild’s thoughts are one, and need victory the fight.

Natsu constantly attempts to establish their strength so you’re able to others. At the some items eventually, he’s confronted Erza, Laxus, Mirajane, plus Gildarts (basically, all of Fairy Tail’s latest S-Category Mages), to battle him, albeit, he had been defeated each go out. Even after his loss, Natsu carries them no sick have a tendency to, as he takes into account everybody in the guild as their members of the family. He demonstrates that it feelings actually towards former foes. Natsu keeps even gone so far as defending Laxus away from are expelled, even after his test on seizing brand new guild. Due to their reckless nature, Natsu’s matches constantly ends which have prevalent depletion. Natsu’s passion for assaulting has actually invited your growing an extremely strategic notice, providing him to help you, into some days, look for flaws within his opponent’s processes, or maybe just faults his competitors themselves possess. Natsu likewise has beaten their competitors with sheer wit, in lieu of brute power. Natsu, appropriate for their recklessness and you may love of attacking, never backs out-of a fight.

It had been shown one to Erza can not keep this lady alcoholic drinks. If you’re inebriated, she serves extremely competitive towards other people, just like the found from the their conclusion toward the girl guildmates. She and additionally appears to have a problem taking people when inebriated.

Erza’s Background [ ]

Just like the ages introduced, Erza turned into more info on tight up to she could well be entitled the latest guild’s disciplinarian. She got obligations getting separating battles ranging from Grey and you may Natsu. At the same time, not, she was driven in order to usually struggle and bicker with participant Mirajane, and this sooner or later finished once Mirajane greatly mellowed in the wake out of the woman younger sis Lisanna’s obvious passing from inside the X782. In X780, Erza enacted Fairy Tail’s a-year stored S-Group Mage Campaign Demo, as new youngest member of new guild to take action in the fifteen years old.

Once they came back to the Guild, Erza and you can Natsu chose to keeps a fight. Although battle is entitled off of the anybody regarding Council. Erza are caught and is demonstrated for a go. Right back during the Guild, Natsu scammed individuals and barged on the council, seeking to conserve Erza. The guy dressed while the Erza by herself and you may made an effort to secret the council people of the saying that they are the real Erza, but both finished up in the jail rather. Even when Erza try upset to start with, she seemed pleased later on, just like the Natsu ran all that far only for the lady purpose.

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